Community Toolbox

--County  and Development---------------

Estatus - Online status of Forsyth County Planning and Development Department applications, permits and plats.

Unified Development Code (UDC) - THE document used in Forsyth County for Planning and Development.

Forsyth County GIS Department - Geographic Information Services including interactive maps.

Board of Commissioner (BOC) Agendas- Meeting Agendas. The BOC decides all zoning matters.

Board of Commissioner (BOC) Minutes - Meeting Minutes

The Forsyth Future Land Use (FLU) Map/Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan - Land Use Plan for Forsyth county

Submitted/Pending Rezoning Requests - Found in Estatus, the online Forsyth County Planning and Development Department's information on applications, permits and plats.

County Transportation Plans - All of the information here is contingent on SPLOST roadway funding.

---Parks and Environment-------------------------

Creek Keeper .org - Rivers Alive 15 year sponsor of Johns Creek head waters and springs in south Forsyth County.

Get the Dirt Out - A grassroots movement to provide education and awareness for streams.

River Basin Center - The River Basin Center works to connect freshwater science to management and policy.

Bike/Pedestrian Walkways Plan - 2025 - A plan that has hardly, if at all, been implemented or funded.

Where Rivers are Born:  A Scientific Imperative for Defending Small Streams and Wetlands - Scientific research showing that healthy headwater systems are critical to the healthy functioning of downstream streams, rivers, lakes and estuaries.


For add'l information on a particular zoning, you will need to go to the county Planning Department on the bottom floor of the Admin Building.