What is Smart Growth Forsyth County?

Smart Growth Forsyth County is a volunteer-only based organization made up of a group of citizens just like you.  We are citizens concerned with preserving the quality of life we’ve enjoyed by living in this area.  Most of the members of Smart Growth Forsyth came to their first meeting because of  the yellow Public Notice sign.

They see a sign go up near their homes, and realize the property that had been zoned agricultural or otherwise may be re-zoned to something less desirable.

We welcome any county citizen who is looking for support and guidance when they are concerned about re-zoning and conservation issues.  The Smart Growth volunteers offer our experience and advice to help citizens navigate the red tape and politics that surround zoning issues.

Because Forsyth County has the dubious honor of being one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, often the growth we’ve seen has not made much sense.  The result is the disintegration of the aesthetics of the county at an accelerated rate.  Smart Growth believes when done well, development can help create more economic opportunities, build great places where people want to live and visit, preserve the qualities people love about their communities, and protect environmental resources.  By planning intelligent growth, the result will be a community that retains its economic vitality and beauty for years to come.

Smart Growth encourages our County Employees and Leaders to create and enforce a road map for smart development.  That includes allowing re-zonings only when the requested change is a proper fit for the community that will be living with it.  Questions regarding infrastructure support, buffering, aesthetics, property values, etc. are some that should be answered in a positive way before re-zonings are granted.